Introduction of Facilities in Other
Areas Akasaka・Toranomon・Omotesando

Roppongi Hills
Ark Hills
Toranomon Hills
Omotesando Hills

ARK Hills, was Japan's first large-scale private redevelopment project incorporating office and residential functions with a host of other facilities including a hotel and a concert hall. This became the forerunner of all subsequent Hills projects after 17 years of labor, which are based on the principles of bringing work and living spaces into close proximity, fostering the coexistence of the city and nature, and promoting the arts.

Toranomon Hills is a 52-story, 247-meter high multipurpose super high-rise tower. Comprised of Japan's first Andaz hotel, an international-level conference facility, retail facilities, and a 6,000m2 open space. This tower is the new landmark representing Tokyo, and will serve as the hub for broadcasting Tokyo's appeal both in and outside of Japan.

Omotesando Hills is a "cultural shopping complex" unlike any other in the world acting as a core in the fashion street of Omotesando, which has long continued to be the epicenter of Japan's new fashion and culture. Also having "MEDIA SHIP." as its concept, the Omotesando Hills complex has cutting-edge equipment and technology throughout the building enabling diverse promotional activities utilizing lights, screens and audio systems.

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