ARK Karajan Place

Ark Hills
Toranomon Hills
Omotesando Hills

Area Plan and Specifications

Area 950m2
Canopy Height 12m~13m
Basic Usage Time 7:00-22:00 *Inclusive of set up and break down time.
  • Retractable roof that automatically deploys in case of rain (when strong winds occur the roof is opened automatically).
  • Dedicated event only power source (single-phase 200V/100V-100KVA, three-phase 200V-10KVA)
  • Restrooms in 3 locations (Inside the ARK Mori Building; When the building is closed, restrooms are inaccessible)
  • Plumbing/drainage is available
Special Items
  • For events requiring a PA system or at which music will be played, please discuss these matters with us separately.
  • As this is a public open space, we may request a change in the event contents a result of discussion with our event space manager.
  • It may be required to coordinate with stores and facilities at ARK Hills.
  • Fixtures and signboards should be firmly installed for use in greater than 25m/s winds.
  • There are specified hours when moving vans can enter, and when noise can be made for set-up, repair work, and on the actual day of event.)


Basic Usage Fee ¥500,000/Day
*Access on the day before the event for preparation: ¥250,000/Day

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